Give Away Environmentally Friendly, Functional Promotional USBs

Are you familiar of the phrase “back in my day, things were built to last”?

Today, all things are made with a certain life expectancy in consideration. Be it the washing machine you use to wash your garments in, the TV you use to watch blockbusters, the computer you use to monitor your business or the promotional USB you that you got at a trade show. Everything is built with the assumption that the product will last a determined amount of time. When that time is exceeded, the product becomes useless, and we will just dispose of the product and go out and purchase a new one.

This makes for a wasteful society, as folks are just as likely to discard a working product just because they have been upgraded to a newer or better design.

With the ease of accessing all the information that we have at a glance, the general consumer is becoming much more educated with their purchases, focusing on having less of an impact on our environment and being more aware of the environmental and social impact that their purchases can make. With the general consumers being much more environmentally and socially aware, this has led to the same philosophies being implemented at a corporate level. Big businesses have to listen to what the consumers want and either accommodate, or lose out to their competition.

This also has a large impact on the promotional merchandise industry in an entirety, in a couple of ways. First, consumers want products that are either recycled, or come from an environmentally conscious company, and also come from organizations that are socially and morally responsible and give their workers a fair wage. People usually avoid buying products which have been made in sweatshop conditions where workers are treated like slaves. Second, people are also starting to avoid from gimmick products such as cheap tacky pens and rain ponchos, the sort of things that are not fit for the purpose they were made for and break down easily, and would think more about the product selection and the message they are trying to send with the promotional item.

What a lot of people are presently looking for, in a promotional item, is something that is environmentally and socially sound, which will be used for its intended purpose and won’t be thrown away or break quickly, such as promotional USB sticks. Consumers are being more creative and discriminating when obtaining an item which they intend to use to advertise their business. After all, if you give away products with your brand all over them, and they are cheap and fragile and of very low quality, what image does this portray to your clients or even potential clients? The quality of items being distributed will have a direct impact on how people perceive your company. For instance, you were given a pen which does not work, not only would this give a bad impression of the company branded on the pen, but it would no longer be in the customer’s focus as will most probably be thrown in the bin.

Here at USB Design, we have produced thousands of different styles of promotional USBs over the past 12 years that we have been manufacturing. We have always used, wherever possible, recycled materials or materials from a sustainable source such as our bamboo or wooden custom USB flash drives. All of the wood utilized for these designs of USB sticks come from either sustainable forests in Asia, or from recycled materials. Whenever possible, we always use fully recycled metals and plastics as well which allows us to accommodate all of our customers who are actively seeking to reduce their effect on the environment.

Not only does USB Design supply environmentally friendly products, but we also provide businesses one of the most popular promotional products available, the promotional USB. In today’s modern society, this is something which you have a use for, and are readily available sitting next to you. Thus, the next time you look for ways to advertise your company or brand, why not contact us and see what we can offer? Your customers will surely think better of you for giving them something that doesn’t cost much but is really practical and will be there for a long time to come and does not end up in the bin.