PC Health Advisor Review

In our current world, Windows has become the mostly used operating system by end users, including families. Most computer users will choose Windows rather than any others OS because Windows is a reliable and efficient system that is unparalleled so far. Another great thing about Windows is how user friendly, and useful it is. It is also almost impossible to find another group of OS to substitute for Windows. Many great functions can be found in Windows, like the process list, the disk management system, the Windows Registry, and more. Windows are using them to run smoothly and efficiently on your PC. Be aware, that problems part of those functions can result in having Windows to slow down a lot. This behaviour is not the welcome for any PC user. Here PC Health Advisor you will learn a whole more about PC Health Advisor.

PC Health Advisor is a program from computer utility experts ParetoLogic that will solve all the previous problems we just mentioned. This all-in-one package will quickly optimize your computer besides solving on the spot any problems it will find in the functions coming with your Windows installation. This software (PC Health Advisor) will help you get the max of your computer, no matter what actual version of Windows you are using. Check here PC Health Advisor Review for some reviews about PC Health Advisor. The features included in PC Health Advisor are:

1. Full system scan option which checks the Windows Registry, file system and process list for erratic behaviors. This program will detect any problems part of the above mentioned features.

2. Registry scanner and fixer – It will scan your Windows Registry for any false registry entry, and any entry part of bad programs. It will do the necessary to delete those entries besides optimizing the registry system. You will have a faster and smoother running Windows.

3. Malware protection – PC Health Advisor comes with a malware shield that protects against all sorts of malware. This features will run as a background daemon that will scan your PC for those threats. The malware definition database also gets updated on a regular basis, allowing for the best protection against malware.

4. File shredder – This very useful feature will completely remove any files or folders part of your system. It will do that without leaving any traces behind, while a normal Windows delete will leave traces.

5. Bonus tools – Part of that is the scan scheduler. This will fully scan your computer at any time even if you will not use your computer at that moment.

So bottom line, PC Health Advisor is amongst the best optimization and security package that is available out there for you.