Has Your PC Always Been Slow?

So you are looking for a solution on how to speed up your slow computer.

Actually, to fix a pc running slow is not as hard as you thought. Here are some tips on how to find out why your pc runs slow.

Fixing a slow computer need not be difficult. First you simply need to identify the problem(s) which is causing your computer to slow down.

If your computer doesn’t perform at its optimum you may be wasting a lot of time. Before you can come up with a fix for a slow running pc you need to evaluate and determine exactly why it is running slow.

Answer These Questions First

  • Is it slow on startup and shutdown?
  • Did it become slower gradually?
  • Does it run slowly only while gaming?
  • Did it suddenly slow down?
  • Is it slow when you have a number of tasks going at one time?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you narrow down the problem and make it easier to find a solution to your problem.

If your computer has always been slow then perhaps you didn’t buy a PC with a fast enough processor to begin with. If the pc too slow while playing game you may simply need a better graphics card plus more memory.

If it’s only slow while online it may be your internet connection is actually slow and not your computer. Other offenders include unnecessary services and programs running and not enough RAM in the system. As the system and the computer gets older and the computer is already filled with more and more files and programs, then that computer has now the tendency to slow down more.

To Many Desktop Icons Can Also Slow Down Your Computer

I know it’s a convenient way to locate things, however, this behavior will cause you more trouble than it is worth. Clear the desktop of these shortcuts and will quickly find you have to waste a lot less time for your computer to start-up.

Many computer users like to place shortcuts on the desktop. It is a very convenient way to keep track of things that are used regularly. Actually such action will absolutely slow users computers down. Get rid of any unneeded desktop shortcuts.

If you have more than twenty icons or files on the desktop, delete some of them immediately. Remember not to put everything on the desktop in the future. Visit this website to find out more: http://pcrunningslow.org